Vilbig Brother’s Construction – Est. 1886

Vilbig Brother’s Construction was founded in Dallas in 1886 by John and August Vilbig. An article in the January 1920 edition of Earth Mover Magazine (available here as a free e-book) titled “Glimpses of Dallas Contractors” describes Vilbig Brother’s projects and equipment. In addition, the magazine showcases pictures from notable projects in the city. The cover of this edition includes a picture of the Proctor & Gamble Foundation Work that was once located on S. Lamar & Loomis Street.

The magazine mentions:
“Vilbig Bros. have secured a nice contract for excavating the basement of the new Federal Reserve Bank Building at Dallas. There are about 25,000 cubic yards of material to be moved on this contract. They have two small revolving shovels on the job, loading the direct into Western Dump wagons and trucks.”

Our family has a collection of photographs from the early 1900s of a variety of construction projects around the city. We have scanned a few of these photographs to illustrate the history of Dallas construction. Click here to view the gallery of images and descriptions.