Vilbig and Associates is a professional services firm specializing in the design and delivery of consulting civil engineering, urban and land planning, surveying, and design/construction management services to public and private sector clients throughout the DFW Metroplex, Texas, and the regional Southwest.

VA offers a qualified competent staff comprised of diversified technical and professional disciplines with which to deliver expert comprehensive client services. Its team of Engineers, Planners, Surveyors, Construction Managers, skilled Technicians, and experienced support personnel are capable of completing complex project assignments on schedule and within our clientís budget restraints.  Licensed in the following states to perform Professional Engineering: Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Licensed in the following state to perform Land Surveying: Texas.

VA possesses the necessary advanced state-of-the-art technical and computer programs and CADD equipment with which to efficiently and effectively execute client projects in an expeditious manner. The survey section offers total station and data collection, along with plotting capabilities to provide complete client services. The civil engineering department utilizes the most modern affective software to provide a complete land modeling solution and provide complete client services. Site development software enables VA to superimpose a proposed design over a piece of property in 3-dimensional form to evaluate, plan, and design all aspects of a project. The same data based software allows VA to decrease design time for roadways, water and waste-water mains, storm sewer, earthwork volumes, and detention pond design. Project schedules, reports, cost estimates, plats, surveys, and design/development drawings can be expediently prepared for early program compliance evaluation, budget constraint analysis, and final documents submission.

The role of VA, as conceived by its principal management staff, is to advise and assist our clients in the planning, design evaluation, and realization of an improved urban fabric in which both quality environment and economic enhancement can compatibly co-exist. In accomplishing this role, VA works closely with related professionals who are similarly charged with the improvement of our urban environment, namely architecture, landscape architecture, law, economics, real estate, finance, and sociology. In each and every client assignment, VA is deeply committed to employing and promoting a quality and competent staff without prejudice to age, race, color, gender, national origin, or religious preference who, as an integral part of the total team, share these views.