Expert Witness

Vilbig & Associates (VA) litigation support includes an exhaustive review of all documentation pertinent to your dispute. Through our investigation of contracts, schedules, bid estimates, design documents, change orders, and correspondence, VA can thoroughly evaluate the issues surrounding your suit.

Claims are complex and often require a unique combination of construction engineering experience, analytical ability and clear, concise communication and understanding of the issues.   As consulting experts we are able to distill the relevant facts of the claim and communicate them to both counsel and jury. Our investigations are comprehensive and exhaustive so that we might be able to distinguish the truth from allegations, and our consulting expertise provides a credible account to the jury so that they might make the most well-informed decision regarding our clients.

VA will form an independent professional opinion based upon a review of the facts, documents and existing conditions and shall provide services for the client-attorney as an independent professional.

The expert witness’ primary responsibility is to develop and support a credible opinion of value.  The higher standard of care appropriate for expert witness assignments extends through all phases of the assignment.  The expert shall precisely determine the scope and purpose of the assignment.  This includes the letter of engagement, scope of work, research, report preparation, deposition and trial testimony, and preparation for deposition and trial testimony.  All data needs to be researched and verified.  The calculations and thought process for the analysis need to be checked and double-checked, as do the report.  The expert shall carefully prepare for both deposition and trial testimony.